Ride safe, ride gravel

Gravel takes you away from motor traffic and the dangers of the streets.

Here are the new Full Dynamix gravel frames

If you want to explore the unbeaten path and have fun riding on gravel roads, you'll need a bike ready to eat up miles of unpaved terrain.

From gravel geometries to technical features that improve comfort and stability, each Full Dynamix frame will fit the ideal bike setup to pedal on dirt.

Discover the new range of Full Dynamix gravel frames and choose the one that will allow you to ride away from cars, finally without having to worry about your own safety!


gravel c

Gravel C is a carbon fiber handmade frame, the heart of a fast and light gravel bike. If you race gravel grinders to win and you pedal on white roads with the maximum power, find out why Gravel C is exactly what you need to build up a professional bicycle. 

gravel a

Gravel A is an aluminum handmade frame, shaped by the best Italian builders using only authentic Italian tubing. The result of this unique combination will be a versatile and responsive gravel bike to ride on mixed paths.


gravel s

Gravel S is a steel handmade frame, built inside a true Italian workshop and using only custom Columbus tubing. Choose steel if you want to ride a bike that proves to be comfortable on any kind of gravel terrain.

We design and create ONLY gravel products, developing gravel-specific technologies to handle unpaved roads 

Full Dynamix is the first brand to produce exclusively gravel frames and bicycles.

We think of gravel as a genre of cycling with a strong identity, that you can however enjoy in your own personal way, without being conditioned by marketing hype.

We focus entirely on gravel, in order to develop the best technologies available for this new style.

The best part? We do all this IN ITALY, FOR YOU

Unlike other “producers” who outsource the manufacturing to Chinese industries and then just import the frames, we chose to leave our frames in the hands of ITALIAN artisans.
That’s why you will own a unique piece, created specifically for you from the very beginning.
— Alessandro Battaglin, brand manager

Download The Fast Track Guide to Your First Gravel Bike

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Inside you will find EVERYTHING you need to know before approaching this specific style!